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That’s the million dollar question. It obviously all depends on where Arizona ends up in the final bowl rankings. If Arizona gets “blown out” and falls out of the top 11 in the rankings, then the Fiesta Bowl is out. As a live proposition the band are arguably on the best form of their career, [...]

Controlling Quinn and the rest of the St. Louis pass rush had been a Tampa Bay priority.”I’m anxious to watch the tape because I want to see with some of the things we had in place how the heck they didn’t slow them down more than they did,” Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano said. “We’ve got [...]

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Finding the bra that best fits your breasts can be challenging. There are so many types of bras out there: sports bras, underwire, front hook, back hook, and padded just to name a few. Standing in the middle of the lingerie section of a department store can be exciting when you see all the pretty, [...]

Which Hair Type Are You?

by Angeline Rose on September 10, 2013


Defined as “filamentous biomaterial” growing from follicles and found in the dermis, the human body is covered in follicles that produce thick and fine hair.[1] If you have been struggling with hair-on-head management problems for a while, you probably never thought that your hair’s characteristics could be defined for the correct maintenance plan. The different [...]


We all know that a woman’s body undergoes tremendous changes during and after pregnancy. The focus of these changes seems to be on her stomach and vagina. While those two areas certainly experience a lot of changes during and after pregnancy, a woman’s breasts also undergo their own changes. These changes are a normal part [...]