Angeline Rose is an advertising authority and a post-graduate in Mass Communications from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom, majoring in Film and Advertising. She has over 13 years’ experience in the fields of copywriting, brand-building and marketing, which makes up the nucleus of her advertising knowledge and proficiency.

Throughout her prolific career, she has provided creative solutions for many fast moving consumer goods brands, as well as those from niche industries. Angeline has personally devoted her time and efforts in many a women’s issues, such as women’s rights, parenting, security and self-defense, pregnancy, children, sexuality, women in the workplace, healthy eating, fitness, shopping and many other topics relating to the 21st century woman.

Angeline is the Chief Creative Officer of her very own virtual creative agency, Wordpecker Congress, based in Malaysia. She is in the midst of publishing her own line of children’s storybook classics, as well as, engaging in preliminary dialogues with The Social Welfare Department of Malaysia in improving the lives of abandoned children and orphans.

You can find her on LinkedIn: