Kelly Connell M.S.Ed, is a sexuality educator with over 20 years’ experience. She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Sexuality Education from the University of Pennsylvania and will soon receive a Certificate of Advanced Study in Human Sexuality from Widener University where she completed all of her coursework for her PhD.

Kelly has provided sexuality education to a diverse population including high school students, college students, and senior citizens. Recognizing that sexuality is an important quality of life issue, Kelly’s work with adults has included providing education to health care providers and facilitating patient support groups for discussion and education of sexuality issues related to illness and disability.

Kelly has also provided informational and educational articles to many health related websites including,,,, and She was previously the national sexuality examiner for and has made many guest appearances on radio and television news programs. She is currently the sexuality expert for

She is the President of Kelly Connell Consulting which offers sexuality education and consulting services. Her workshops, presentations and speaking engagements are designed to facilitate open communication and dialogue as well and increase knowledge and comfort with sexuality.

You can find her on Facebook under Kelly Connell Consulting or Sexpertkelly and on twitter as sexpertkelly or kellyconnellconsult.