sex What Is Kama Sutra?

What Is Kama Sutra?

by Kelly Connell on September 27, 2012


It’s Not Greek to Me


In the Hindu culture, “Kama” is one of three life goals and literally means sensual or sexual pleasure. “Sutra” means a thread that holds things together. Put those two together and you have a guide for sexual or sexual pleasure that helps people live their best life, recognizing that sexuality is one of the great pleasures of life.  From this comes perhaps the most famous example of Indian erotica, the Kama Sutra written by Vatsyayana.


An ancient Indian Hindu work, the Kama Sutra has long been considered the most relevant work on human sexual behavior in Sanskrit literature. The Kama Sutra is not just a sex manual. It is actually a guide for a way of life that includes gracious and virtuous living and includes discussion on the nature of love, family and aspects of pleasure of life. Much of the Kama Sutra focuses on the relationship between men and women.


The Kama Sutra Lucky 7


The actual text of the Kama Sutra contains 36 chapters on sexual pleasure including oral sex, pleasuring your partner and different types of sexual stimulation. These 36 chapters have been organized into 7 parts:


  • General remarks or introduction.
  • Amorous advances/Sexual union.
  • Acquiring a wife.
  • Duties and privileges of the wife.
  • Other men’s wives.
  • About courtesans.
  • Occult practices


Depictions of sexual acts including oral sex, also known as fellatio and cunnilingus, and genitalia are common in the Kama Sutra. Male genitalia are often depicted as being very large resembling a modern day dildo.


You Don’t Have to be a Contortionist: Some Sex Positions of the Kama Sutra


Perhaps the most famous erotic images in the text contain demonstrations for multiple sex positions. One such sex position involves the lotus position where the male sits with his legs crossed (lotus position) and the woman straddles him and crosses her legs behind him. This allows for deep penetration and face to face contact during intercourse.


If you are looking for another Kama Sutra position that allows for deep penetration consider the Baithe Baithe position. In this position the male sits back in a chair with his legs slightly spread. The woman lowers herself onto him while facing him until they are chest to chest. This not only allows for deep penetration but makes deep kissing and sultry eye contact possible too. Whether she makes slow up and down movements or decides to go faster, both will find this position very pleasurable.


A Kama Sutra position that may be new and exciting to try is the Jangha vibhor. This is a woman on top position and it is sure to please both partners. The man lies on its back and stretches both legs in front of him. Then he bends one leg and points his knee up. The woman faces him and lowers herself onto him. While using his bent knee for support she can rock back and forth or move up and down making sex intensely hot. The man can stimulate her clitoris while in this position which furthers her pleasure.


Everything Old is New Again


Today, the Kama Sutra is one of the hottest sex topics around. There are Kama Sutra books, Kama Sutra videos and DVDs all discussing how employing the Kama Sutra can change your sex life for the better. Sexual aids such as dildos, vibrators and massage oil can all be used when engaging in sexual activity.


One aspect of sexual intercourse the Kama Sutra stresses is the role of foreplay. Oral sex, for both sexes, cunnilingus for the woman and fellatio for the male are stressed as ways to give and receive great pleasure leading up to sexual intercourse. Kama Sutra also focuses on how sexual intercourse can be an intense emotional and spiritual connection to another person and that connection is what can increase the pleasure.


Many couples who are looking to increase pleasure or enhance intimacy in their relationships explore the Kama Sutra. They find incorporating the ancient philosophy with modern methods of sexual pleasure including using sex aids like vibrators and dildos an exciting change of pace to their sexual experience.


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