No-one likes stretch marks. They just interfere with life don’t they ladies? They make us feel self-conscious when we are naked with our partners. They make us feel uncomfortable about baring our bodies on the beaches or next to the pool, and they can knock us when we are already feeling pretty low about ourselves. Let’s face it; stretch marks just aren’t fun.

Create your own massage oil!

With a few ingredients that you can get for cheap enough online, you could make an inexpensive moisturizing oil that is perfect to fight back against the stretch marks. With a bottle of pure argan oil and a bottle of sweet almond oil in equal amounts, plus 10 drops of an essential oil such as rose, you have a daily massaging oil that not only smells good, but works wonders for your skin as well.

Of course, if that just feels like a lot of hard work to you, you could just get yourself a bottle of coconut oil and use it on the affected skin twice daily – it does the same job, and coconut oil has been shown to have very positive effects on the appearance of stretch marks! You will find that this is one of the main ingredients in a lot of expensive anti-stretch mark products.

Switch up your diet!

There are even foods that you can eat that have shown to have a positive effect on the health of your skin and the visibility of your stretch marks. If you find foods that are rich on vitamin E and C, you will soon find that the health benefits far outweigh what you thought.

Cocoa butter up!

The cocoa butter helps to give your skin the nourishment and hydration that it is so desperately craving. There are these clever little enzymes in the cocoa butter and it is these enzymes that help to give the skin nourishment in the bits it needs it the most. It’s quite clever really.

Lavender oil works too!

As much as we want to say a number of magical lotions and potions to make stretch marks go away overnight, the best thing that you can use is the natural stuff with repeated usage and just like the oils that we have already discussed, lavender oil works a treat too! In fact, this is one of the most effective of all the home remedies for stretch marks. Just take a couple of moments researching it on the internet and you will see what we are talking about.

According to studies, using lavender oil works because the compounds of the oil help to rebuild the skin – the new skin tissue that grows then forms a seal over the stretch marks and in time, the stretch discrete overnight.

Water, water, water!

We all know that water is good for us, right ladies? Well water could be better than you thought, especially if you want to combat stretch marks. The added hydration helps to keep the elasticity in the skin and you need this and the collagen present to ensure that stretch marks do not form as the skin is elastic enough to cope with a bit of stretching and wear and tear. Water also helps when you combine it with a good diet as it will ensure all the extra nutrients that you are consuming are sent all the way around the body – your skin will benefit from the healthy diet too!

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